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Ceramic Quartz Paint Protection

 is a special nanotechnology product with a long term effect on painted surfaces,plastic trims,glass and wheels..

This is not a sealer that forms a barrier but rather a modification of the surface chemistry on a molecular level to provide a permanent easy to clean and protective surface.

The HydroPhobic effect works by repelling water and preventing adherence of any contaminants.

In a microscopic level the painted surface is not completely smooth, so water and dirt on the surface c/an build up easily. Cquartz allows the dirt with water simply to wash off and provide a clean surface.leaving less water marks on surface.

Dirty water cannot settle into the painted surface, the coating is very long lasting, UV stable.

It cannot removed by water, Alkaline or other detergents or high pressure equipment.

Cquartz will guarantee that the surface keeps its original clarity and transparency.

We have discovered also new property, Fire and flame retarding property due to ceramic and silica mixture coat.


Cquartz can be applied to any surface: glass , wheels, plastics, leather and rubber surface as well.

Cquartz major properties:

Anti scratch improved by 50%

Fire and flame retardant ! (see video demo)


Insulation property

Anti static

Anti acids and salts

Excellent high gloss effect - mirror finish.

HydroPhobic Water-repelling

Anti Calcium effect


Easy to clean/self cleaning effect

Weather protection

UV - weather-resistant

Insects and flies repellent

Anti corrosion

No more waxing !

Preserve car value condition

Note : Cquartz is very good to use on Matt color car paint, will not shine or gloss the paint !

see some pics demos here :


The Ultimate Ceramic Quartz coating

Cquartz is the next generation protective coating for any surfaces. It offers an extremely durable hard glass coat which can protect more then 2 years against minor scratched, acid rain, bird droppings, road film, tar and harmful UV rays.

As well as protecting it also offers a deep, rich gloss with a self cleaning effect, making future washing of your vehicle, faster and easier!Cquartz will prevent 50% of light scratches and removes fine minor swirl marks.

 CQuartz contains ceramic nano particles, make amazing hard layer, offers astonishing anti scratch effect, longer than any conventional coatings.

Average thickness of Cquartz layer is between 0.7 µm ~ 1.5 µm.

 Cquartz adopts extremely high reactive formulation and immediately enter into strong chemical cross linking after applying, offering excellent durability.

 Cquartz contains nano fiber glass, the result: a deep high gloss shine.

 Cquartz reactive components form a precise and flat layer, give incomparably strong water and oil repellent effect.prevent aquatic and oily stains from attaching to the paintwork.

Before Cquartz can be applied, your vehicle needs to have all painted surfaces cleaned and polished to a very high standard.

There should not be any wax, which will hamper the penetration of Cquartz. Any defects will be only highlighted because of the mirror effect.

    1.   Wash vehicle with , rinse and dry.
    2.   Remove tar spots from paintwork using our . use  to remove iron spots.
    3.   If the paintwork still feels uneven you may need to use a clay bar to remove surface contaminates.
    4.   If required, compound polish each panel to remove light scratches and swirls (use a silicone free polish only!), use our  cleaner to remove any signs of polish residue, oil or wax from the car.
    5.   Use a soft micro fibre cloth to buff the painted surface to remove dust and smudges.

Take your time preparing the paintwork before applying for the best result.

For best results apply Cquartz in a well-light, cool, dry environment.

Never apply in direct sunlight or when the surface is hot.

Note: ensure you 

Materials required for application

  • 30ml Cquartz
  • Cosmetic cotton pads (supplied) or Cquartz applicator wrapped with 10cm of suede MF (click here for image).
  • Two new microfibre cloth for buffing or suede MF's, approximately 20 x 20cm in size.

      1.   Shake well, pour few drops on cosmetic cotton pad. or on the applicator wraped with the suede MF
      2.   Apply C.Quartz in straight lines, criss-cross way on each car panel.
      4.   room humidity : 60%
      5.   Then wipe off gently with soft MF/suede MF, short loop fibers fabric.
      6.   Let dry for: 1hour at 25 degrees Celcius or 3 hours at 15 degrees Celsius.
      7.   Complete dry time within  .
      8.   Option to accelerate the cure by using IR lights.
      9.   Avoid re-using the wipe off MF's, they will harden and crystallize.
      10.   Working temperature: 15 ~ 30 degrees Celsius.
      11.   During the first ten minutes, any missing spots which were missed or not coated can be applied again. But only during this time, afterward dont try to re-fill missing spots, otherwise it will stain the paint.

TIP : CQuartz is hydrophobic . can be applied on any surface ,on front windscreen- giving rain repellent effect, on wheels -less brake dust and easy to clean.

Take care with the application. Test the product on an inconspicuous place before applying.
Do not use with strong sun, heat or rain. The car paint must be absolutely dirt-free and dry.
The product must not be applied on surfaces contaminated with silicone, oil, polymer, Teflon and Wax.

We are strongly recommend to coat CQuartz with 2 layers, this will give more thickness, durability and hardness.

For second layer application wait 1~3 hours to let first layer to dry.

Glass surface application

application on glass surface is same as on the paint work, just first step must be polishing the glass : use Dual Action machine with carpro glass polishing pad and CeriGlass polish clean with Eraser after and apply the Cquartz as above user guide ,
Note: on the glass please wipe off after 5 min. do not let it cure too long, otherwise it will be harder to wipe off.

Maintenance aftercare:

    1.   When washing always use a dedicated car shampoo and wash mitt. we recommend washing with IronX snow Soap.
    2.   Remove bird droppings from the paintwork as quickly as possible to avoid damage to the coating.
    3.   Cquartz will protect from those for first day or two, but not more.
    4.   Try to avoid using automated car washes.
    5.   Use our Reload spray sealant each 3 months to maintain the coat for longer lasting time.
    6.   washing with high Alkali cleaner ( > 12pH) more then 5 minutes on car surface will affect the coat.

Disposal: regard your rules and regulations.
Storage the Cquartz can be stored 6 months if it is closed and protected. avoid humid and moist area, Keep out of Refrigerator!
Keep in cool dark space.

We do not take any responsibility or guarantee for a treatment with that was not applied like shown in this manual. The user of these products is supposed to test the treatment at his own risk in an inconspicuous place in order to test if it is suitable. Since the treatment process is outside of our influence, any liability of the manufacturer cannot be derived.