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IronX Paste

Super strong iron remover formula cling very strong to contaminated spot pH neutral.

IronX Paste is another developed formula from the IronX products family
the Paste is super strong power iron remover which will cling very long time to desired spots
and dissolve the contaminant baked brake dust dots, or baked iron spots.
leave it to work as long as needed and the baked dots will disappear !

apply it to any surface
safe to use and pH neutral
safe to use on Chrome wheels
very economic used
washed off easy with water

1. Apply to contaminated areas.
2. Wait 5~6 min. for full reaction and color change.
3. Rinse thoroughly with water.
Avoid drying under direct sun !!

5~10ml per average wheel.

Do not dilute with water
Work on car surface only
Work in ventilated cool shade space
Maybe irritating to eye & skin - use latex gloves while applying.
Preferred using face mask while applying
Keep away from children's.
Wash your hands well after finishing.

Tip :  Apply thin layer of IronX Paste all over yout wheel for best and fastest cleaning.!