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Iron X Snow Soap

Triple Action car wash-iron remover snow foam dirt & soil cleaner

This is a completely new formulation replacing our IronX Soapgel, highly concentrated and effective cleaning formulation, Suitable for cleaning all types of paintwork, metal, glass, plastics and rubbers.

This is the most versatile car soap/shampoo cleaner you can find.

Triple action function, iron remover , strong degreaser , and car shampoo.

Use it as a snow foam for touch less cleaning to work on iron contaminants and dirt removing.

IronX Snow Soap has been formulated to be a concentrated ultra high foam that will produce an extremely  dense foam when used through a foam lance. While still dissolving iron contaminants on surface. Dirt and grime are quickly loosened and removed while snow soap is left to dwell.

Use it as pre-wash pump spray for traffic film and irons removing.

Bucket wash or wash mitt shampoo. up to 1:8 dilution will work as well for hand wash. As the correct Dilution it will produce a wash solution with a pH of 7. Safe for waxes and LSP. That is gentle but effective on surfaces, yet removes heavy soiling rapidly. We have used Mint  fragrance within Snow Soap to give the user a more friendly experience, and to overcome the Iron remover smell.

Undiluted Iron.X Snow Soap will have an affect on oil based waxes,  but will not affect polymer sealants.

This product is clear coat safe. Phosphate-free.

For C coated cars it will be great way to wash and maintain the surface coated without any affecting your ceramic layer of protection.


1. Cleaning the iron on the car paint perfectly through chemical reaction with using car shampoo.

     Extreme well cleaning the paint surface from road dirt and salts.

2. Confirm exactly the cleaning effect by watching the color turn to purple while reacting with iron.

3. Cleaning the bodywork softly with rich foam.

4. Eco friendly ,save time and water while washing and removing iron dust.

5. Surface become very slippery and smooth.

6. Available to use on the glass and resin, clean Alloy wheels by gel agitating on surface.

7. Versatile product , triple action. Great for wheels cleaning as well.


Tip : Use it as a clay lube with Pre wash pump spray  and clay  your car, disslove irons and clay contaminants in same time !


Consumption per average car with iron removing action:

Foam lance usage un-diluted: ~400ml fully closed Lancer valve!

Hand wash/pre-wash, Dilution ratio up to 1:8 : 70~100ml, ( the more you dilute the less iron removing)


Don’t use for other purposes (vehicles only) , IronX Snow Soap will affect oil base wax layer.(undiluted)

IronX Snow Soap is safe to use on any car surface , including Chrome panels.
Using with foam lancer  - make sure to rinse very well with water the Lancer after  finishing.!

Work in ventilated cool shade area.

May be irritating to eye & skin.

Keep away from children’s.

Wash your hands well after finish.